The Flat Head Cordovan X Deerskin Hiking Boots
February 10, 2016

The Flat Head Cordovan X Deerskin Hiking Boots

When you are talking about Corlection store, two things you won't ignore - one is denim the other is boots. Indeed, we have a six years experience in selling boots. We have sold hundreds in styles and thousands in quantities. But we still surprised to see these beautiful boots from The Flat Head company. Actually I can said that this is the best pair of boots we have ever seen, not one of the best, THE BEST! 

The boots are constructed with two kind of leathers. Vegetable tanned deerskin is constructed on the ankles of the boots. The fine and smooth deerskin gives you a butter soft and also firm feelings while you walking and moving around. Cordovan leather is constructed the rest of the boots. The cordovan from TFH is top grade horse butt hide from Europe and tanned in Japan. It appears a special sheen which photos can not demonstrate. As you might know that Cordovan has to be from the centre of horse butts leather. As TFH told us that they cost almost one horse to finish one pair of these boots.

Normally boots are a lot more heavier compare to sneakers, these boots goes with a great weight, similar to a baskets ball shoes. You will find them super comfortable and you can almost ignore the "Break In" process. It is so comfortable that you might be "Addicted" wearing them.

Stitch down technique has been used in the soling process. There are whole lot of details are finished by hand in these boots. TFH also told us that the time cost for finishing stitch down soling alone, the artisan will be able to make a wallet.

We've been waiting one year to finally receive these sample in US8.5. There are more interesting details in these boots that our camera is not able to process. But if you interested in these, you has to visit our Sydney store to have a look.

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