R.J.B by The Flat Head Short "Naval" Coat Black (Special Edition)
June 13, 2016

R.J.B by The Flat Head Short "Naval" Coat Black (Special Edition)

Double-breasted peacoat is one of the most classic jacket design if you talking about menswear. It is originally worn by sailors from Europe and later used as a standard military supply by U.S.Navy. We always want to bring in some serious made of this timeless design.
We saw this beautiful piece from R.J.B by The Flat Head's exhibition show last year and we were amazed and bring in this SPECIAL EDITION exclusive for Corlection stores. To make it more suitable for Australian market, we adjust the fit which most of you guys will love it.
The most incredible part of this jacket is the wool fabric. It is special developed by the R.J.B team which is the premium line of TFH. The wool is super soft and smooth but it keeps you super warm in the winter. The texture feels like cashmere! Also, through a long time in use, you won't expect the wool fur ball which appears for most of the normal wool product.
The details of this jacket are incredible as well. The cuffs and hem has been trimmed with top grade lamb skin, so you don't need to worry about them goes out of shape ever. Not to mention that the sheep skin will aged beautifully through time. The interior goes with the R.J.B's classic "Diamond" shape rayon lining, slick and soft, and the burgundy color makes a nice contrast with the shell.
If you ever got a chance to have a look in our physical store, I'm sure you will be amazed as well! This is for someone who only want the best of the best.

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