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Freewheelers "Conductor" Jacket (Black Wabash Version)


The Freewheelers is such a unique brand and their products are super detailed!

This design was inspired by the vintage American train conductor's jackets but detailed to the next level!  The 11oz cotton twill has been dyed with black indigo, which will age to a beautiful vintage look after many wears. A special black indigo wabash fabric has been used to line the front pockets, collar & sleeves to make sure the jacket will last a decade even when you wear it quite often and guaranteed a better ageing and contrasted look!

The pattern has been designed to be 3D, this allows for the jacket to fit very comfortably and just right! The chest pocket is designed to be used with a pocket watch and also has room for a pen or pencil which is a cool one to tribute to Quality Old Fashioned Garment. The waist pockets are both reinforced with extra stitches and the left pocket has special union ticket inside for styling authenticity. The internal pocket with selvedge detailing is also very functional for customers to store their secret money safely? Yeah, it would not go wrong !

Style the jacket the way you want by rolling up the cuffs or unfolding the collar. You can also customise the custom "Union Special" copper buttons on this jacket as they are detachable. This allows you to to also change the size of the cuff's opening which means you can style this jacket in many different ways and wear it in different occasions as well!

The character and attention to details in this piece is something Freewheelers does best.If you truly love unique style we highly recommend this jacket to you!

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