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Momotaro Indigo Wabash Down Jacket


We got some fresh new winter gear from Momotaro company. Using 100% cotton, this down jacket from Momotaro is super warm and definitely got you cover through this deep winter. Two different fabric has been used for the shell. The heavy weight indigo dyed wabash has been been used for the body and sleeves. It is super durable and keeps you warm. A super deep indigo over dyed cotton twill has been used for the shoulder patches and collar. It will aged nicely through time as well as the indigo wabash and also bring up a nice but smooth contrast for the jacket. The jacket is full of functional designs, such as copper snap buttons, double sided "Universal" Zippers, and even an adjustable cuff as well. We've been selling a few pieces to our VIP customers and they just LOVE it. So, limited sizes available, great indigo gears for a deep winter!

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