Freewheelers "Vanashing West" 601XX (Straight Tapered fit)
June 08, 2016

Freewheelers "Vanashing West" 601XX (Straight Tapered fit)

Talking about denim, We have seen really a lot. To be honest, there aren't too much that can surprise us. But the 601XX from Freewheelers do refresh our eyes. You might know that the designer of Freewheelers - Yasui san used to have a brand - The Bootleggers. Bootleggers is kind of legend in Japan. A pair of The Bootleggers in resell market can easily goes over 1000 bucks. Kind of crazy huh? I guess you can tell from this pair.

601XX is using a 14.5oz custom made orange selvage denim. The denim has been once washed and you will feel a unique mild slubby texture like a pair of brand new vintage levi's 501. The indigo color is very rich and you will expect them to fade to sky blue color with a big constrasted look through time. The straight tapered fit is comfy and not too baggy at the same time.

The most interesting things about this pair is all in details. The leather patch is made of deerskin and the design is gonna makes you smile. The fighting double bulls logo and double cross arrows instead of "XX" are such a smart tribute to the classic. All the fly buttons are silver coated and goes with yellow enamel paint, the aging of them will be super interesting. There are so many details like that, and some of them you can't even tell from a photo. For example, if you touch the rivets of them, you will find that they are actually in a very different pointy shape.

Sorry I have to stop here, cos there are just too many details that words can't describe. But let me tell you, if you consider yourself as a true "denim playa", this is something you don't want to miss out.

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