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Lewis Leathers Black Sheepskin Dominator 551T (Tight fit)

Lewis Leathers

We bring back the classic 551T - Dominator from Lewis Leathers this time as well. From Jim Jones Revue to punk rock icon Sid Vicious, all the rock stars make their choice on Lewis Leathers 551T makes it an British Rock'n'Roll classic. Featuring twin chest pocket with "Flash Fasteners" zippers , twin front side pockets and adjustable waistbands, 551T easy to match with everything. We choose black vegetable tanned sheepskin leather for the shell and black silky stain for the lining. The sheepskin from Lewis Leathers are smooth and soft which is super easy to break-in. Through time, the leather will aged to more vintage looks.

The Lewis Leathers jackets are Made in England. But we sell the Japan exclusive version which is a slimmer-fit. Better for those who want to wear them not just for Motorcycling.

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