The Flat Head Deerskin Rider Jacket
May 28, 2016

The Flat Head Deerskin Rider Jacket

The Flat head makes some of the best leather products in the world, If you are looking for a leather jacket this deer skin jacket is the best of the best!

These jackets are constructed by some of the best Japanese craftsman in the world. There are only 4-5 craftsman inside FH's Stockburg factory who are able to create these masterpieces. It can take up to two days for the craftsman to finish one jacket. The deerskin used on these jackets is originally from America and tanned for three months in Japan. To begin the process the deerskin is tanned for two months, then tanned for another month to achieve the rich black colour. Initially the jacket will have a matte finish but after wear the surface will become shiny and develop a richer black colour. After 4-5 years the beautiful natural tan colour will gradually appear throughout the jacket. The 1.3mm deerskin that FH uses is much thicker, stronger and even softer than other companies. We think that this deerskin is even more comfortable than sheepskin!

Key parts of these jackets are hand sewn which makes the jacket extremely strong and able to retain its original shape throughout its life. This is a very difficult process which takes a significant amount of time and skill to complete. The jacket is lined with a silky textured rayon fabric which is extremely smooth and comfortable.

We highly recommend these beautiful, lightweight, deerskin jackets and we suggest you see one in person to truly appreciate the true craftsmanship from The Flat Head.

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