Momotaro "GTB" Medium Weight Tubular Sweatshirt (Indigo)
May 27, 2016

Momotaro "GTB" Medium Weight Tubular Sweatshirt (Indigo)

Here is the Momotaro "GTB" Medium Weight Tubular Sweatshirt, based on a 1940's twin V design, dyed in grand indigo and discharge printed with Momotaro's signature "GTB" (Going To Battle) double line label.

The "Twin V" is the two V-shaped gazettes on the front and back of the neck area which are used to absorb sweat and reinforce the neck area structurally. This design was popular on sweatshirt before WWII, after the war breaks out, the production of garments were simplified to reduce work hours so there were less and less sweatshirts with such design. Not to mention the medium weight tubular fabric will keep you fit and warm through the winter.

The indigo color on this garment was pre-dyed for many layers onto the yarns so as to have a very rich colour, and then knitted to form the indigo surface. The procedure is quite time consuming but the indigo color will be rich and solid. Through wears, the color will aged gradually and present different shades of blue.

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