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First Arrow's Feather Pierced Earring

First Arrow's

Some more interesting earrings from First Arrow's. This time we bring in the classic feather styles. Even the earrings are tiny in size compare with pendants, you will still see the beautiful feather fibre details on them. Not to mentioned the beautiful aging in the feature will bring out the fibre details even more. Either go with one side or both sides, we got you covered. 

Except the large feather earrings, we also bring in some feather earrings in a smaller size. These feather earrings are in a much more rounded circle shape and a bit more low key. But still, the details of the feathers are fully present. The solid custom made 950 silver from First Arrow's will bring you a beautiful aging through time. 

Click here to buy First Arrow's Large Feather Pierced Earring.

Click here to buy First Arrow's Small Feather Pierced Earring. 

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