T.F.H X R.J.B X CORL "CORE ME" 2109 - 6 months of wear
May 21, 2016

T.F.H X R.J.B X CORL "CORE ME" 2109 - 6 months of wear


We are always impressed with how our customers wear their denim to create a truly unique look. Today we've had one of our Sydney customers show us their 2109 jeans which are our first exclusive collaboration with The Flat Head and Real Japan Blues.

These jeans have been worn for everyday for 4 months, then worn 4-5 days a week for 2 months. The Flat Head jeans are known for their very special strong vertical fades, since these jeans are made with a special left hand twill R.J.B denim. This will make the vertical fading is even stronger! The double stitched front and back pockets have stood strong to extreme wear and show how cotton stitching can be very effective if constructed properly. The back arc stitches were originally turquoise but have aged to a beautiful saxon blue colour after 6 months of wear. The knee area of these jeans as worn out due to the way our customer has been kneeling at work as a cleaner, the sign of some hard work.

Photos cannot do these jeans justice as in person the fading and contrast is even bigger and vibrant. If you are looking for a very special denim we suggest you give these a try to experience our first exclusive edition.

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