Full Count Indigo Dyed Thermal Cardigan
May 20, 2016

Full Count Indigo Dyed Thermal Cardigan

When Kanye was yelling at Sway and talking about "Sway, You Ain't Get The Answers" as well as "Standard Of Japanese Thermal",thanks Yeezus,we did appreciate all your helps to make more street kids to be more interested in our Japanese Thermals which are slowly knitted from old machine,lol~

Today we would like to introduce you Full Count Indigo Dyed Thermal Cardigan! The "Waffle" thermal is slowly knitted from old machine and dyed in grand indigo which will age gradually with many wears.

The material is just so comfy to put it on and also pretty breathable, the fitting is so elegant and I guess most of you will get amazed when it age to more soulful look with many wears and washes.

Boyz, if you are looking for some serious thermal cardigan that you did never experience, we highly recommend this to you!

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