S.F.K "Skull" Fragrance Candle
April 30, 2016

S.F.K "Skull" Fragrance Candle

Most of products in our store are Made in Japan, still we appreciate brands that carefully made their products and represent the true artisan spirit even they are outside Japan. This is why we bring in S.F.K from Taiwan. Kurt of S.F.K is not just an excellent leather artisan, he also bring us a very interesting candle.

S.F.K "Skull Fragrance Candle is a vanilla fragrant based candle. The wax is made of natural vanilla oil that extracted from Madagascar. It brings you a light vanilla scent after you light it up and gives you a refresh but peaceful feeling. The "skull" is a result of countless sculpt and adjust, it is super detailed. Quite a tasteful piece even for those who just looking for a small good to decorate home.

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