First Arrow's Small "Eagle" Pendant (P-513)
April 30, 2016

First Arrow's Small "Eagle" Pendant (P-513)

Eagle was considered as the only one who can communicate with god of sun in Old Indiana culture and only a few warriors who can wear the pendants of eagle directly who did join the battles or hunted the beasts.

Today we would like to introduce you the limited produced small size "Eagle" pendant to you all from First Arrow's. The body of eagle is finished with their specially developed 950 silver and all the fibers of feathers are hand-engraved by their most skilled silver smiths even more detailed than any other of their silver pendants. With wears, you may see the patterns of fibers become more stand out and soulful.

The eagle's head and "Sunburst" heart in the chest are finished with their signature 18K gold. You can picture how beautiful it will look like when the silver goes darker and gold appear more sheen with a big contrast look. We also hope the "Eagle" pendant will help you to find out the faith and courage to walk your own way with pride and honour!

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