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First Arrow's "Minerva Box" Leather and Brass Wallet Chain

First Arrow's

Speaking of First Arrow's, we always think of silver pendants, rings and etc. However their brass accessories are very high quality as well as very famous and come with very good value. The wallet chains we are introducing today features a "Minerva Box" saddle leather holder with an attached keyring makes this item a very functional piece. The un-polished key ring shows good contrast with all the rest hand polished brass parts. By casting, the First Arrow's emblem on the leather holder has shown a stereoscopic finish, also added extra details and some rugged taste to it. Utilising a light weight compound brass alloy adds extra practicability to it, actually, it weighs only slightly above 150g which is strong enough for long term of durability. Overall, this item has a beautiful texture and layering with great value, and it will age nicely too!

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