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Momotaro "GTB" Type 1 Denim Jacket


The Momotaro Type 2 Denim Jackets were one of the first denim jackets we brought into our store and it had been extremely popular ever since. Now the "Type 1" is finally released by Momotaro. The medium 15.7 oz fabric has made this jacket an all season wear. Featuring a classic "Type 1" design has given this garment a simpler look than the "Type 2"s and it is shorter; the overall silhouette is a slim fit with a cinch back design, you can taper the waist even more!! The details on this "Type 1" is also very high standard: hidden rivets on the front pocket, indigo chambray lining pocket flap, silver coated buttons and so much more! Available at both in Syd & Mel physical stores so feel free to come and try them out!

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