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First Arrow's "Large Feather With Turquoise" Pendant (P-003)

First Arrow's

Turquoise stones are pretty common gems. In American Indian culture, Turquoise stones are believed as the spirit of sky and ocean, and they can bring luck to warriors and hunters. We just received these "Turquoise Stone" "Large Feather" Pendants from First Arrow's. The turquoise stones of each pieces are 100% from natural turquoise stone mine, so you will find each of them is one of a kind. First Arrow's classified 950 silver has been used for the body . This will guarantee a super interesting ageing through long time in use. And of course, they are hand build and the pattern of fibber is hand engraved in Japan by FA's finest silver artisans! With many wears, they will age to a more detailed look beautifully!

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