Brown-Duck & Digger by Warehouse "Ivy 1960" Denims (Slim Tapered fit)
March 14, 2016

Brown-Duck & Digger by Warehouse "Ivy 1960" Denims (Slim Tapered fit)

Introducing a new line from Warehouse Co. to our store - Brown-Duck & Digger. The name Brown-Duck & Digger came from the "Gold Rush" era that gold diggers wear denim and duck canvas pants as their workwear. All BBD products goes with 2 signatures - Leaf arc and Billiken. The Leaf arc is a design from late 19th century, it represent the indigo color is a color that extracted from leaves of plants. Billiken is a figure create by a sculptor from Missouri named Florence Pretz. She dreamed about Billieken - a charm doll who brings lucky to you if you rub its feet and then draw it down. Billieken soon became a popular figure and became mascot of Saint Louis University till today. It was introduced into Japan in 1931 and soon became popular, you can still find Billieken sculpture in Osaka - home of Warehouse Co.

BD & D "Ivy 1960" denim goes with a japan made 13.5oz orange selvage fabric. Traditional grand indigo dye has been used and through time you will see them aged beautifully. The denim is based on 1960's ivy league style, it is in a slim tapered fit. You will find some unique and interesting details in this pair: oxidized copper rivets, one-piece construction selvage buttons fly (which is easier to get on and get off compare with others), butter soft deerskin leather patch and hand painted "Indigo" leaf arc (will aged be beautifully as well through time with denim). There are tons of other small details we already wrote down in specs description. This is a must have for those who are fans of warehouse or dig in American Ivy style.

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