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Double Works By Warehouse 332 Slim Tapered fit



The Double Works by Warehouse Lot 332 is inspired by 1960's to 70's denims which will age into a very beautiful sky blue colour with many wears. This is the best quality pair of denims we have come across in the $200 AUD price range, however its standard is just as good as our $300 AUD denims. The 332 is dyed richly in a light tone vintage indigo colour, the texture is very stereoscopic, and it will also age gradually just like the 60's to 70's denims in a sky blue fading. Construction wise, you can find all the details such as raised belt loop and a lot of chain stitching on this pair just as a $300 AUD pair as mentioned. It is a pair of denims comes in a super good value and superb texture.

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