The Flat Head "Full Shell Cordovan" Welted Short Wallet
March 08, 2016

The Flat Head "Full Shell Cordovan" Welted Short Wallet

The Flat Head enhance their wallet collection each year. For 2016 spring summer, we receive their all time best selling - cordorvan short wallets. Compare with their previous versions, these short wallets got shell cordovan covered not just outside but also inside including card slots, coin cases and notes compartments. Different from other brands, TFH choose their cordovan extremely careful. They only used the very centre part of horse buttock leather to make sure they are in top grade quality and flawless as well. This kind of cordovan is so called "high density shell cordovan". The sheen of the leather is quite unique, not to mention the supreme durability.

TFH also treated their cordovan with a special vegetable tanning process. Through time, you will see them aged in quite a unique way. We can not define the dye technique since we never see anyone doing similar job as The Flat Head do in the world. So we guess we just call it "The Flat Head Dyeings".

Normally, hand made wallets go with a single stitch sewing for the edge. TFH wants their wallets become your life time belongings. They double layered the edge of the wallets and put a double hand stitch sewing on it with some serious cordovan leather welted. Trust me, You might get high just by touch the edge of the wallets. And of course, they will never be out of shape. Committed to the details of the details, the whole wallet has been hand stitched, even the pull of the coin case has been hand stitched either.

These are the wallets for those who want the best of the best.

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