The Flat Head 2111 20oz Denim
March 05, 2016

The Flat Head 2111 20oz Denim

The Flat Head 2111 20 oz denim in stock!

Another new model we bring in from The Flat Head company. Originally, 2111 is a project to celebrate the 15 years anniversary of TFH company. Under the high requirements from oversea dealers, small batch will be released every year for oversea only. We are glad that we get our hands on these this year! The denim goes with a 20oz apple red selvage fabric which with 30 times of indigo dye and 40 level of indigo shades. Even with a 2 years heavy wearing, you will still see the aging keep going. Since this is an extra heavy pair, everything is "extra". You will find extra thick goatskin leather patch, extra double stitched on back and front pockets, even TFH's signature Union Special chain-stitched arc has been doubled (They all finished by hand, so imaging how difficult that is to finish, we not just talking thickness, this requires the highest sewing skill). A WW2 era style donut buttons has been used for these pair, rich silver coated texture makes the details looks really amazing. All these "extra" details with the extra thick fabric guarantee that the durability of this pair is "extra" as well. 

The denim goes with a mid-high rise slightly tapered fit. They are slimmer than 3009, higher rise and looser compare with 3001. Really a great choice if you looking for something heavy or a cozy winter jeans.

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