Warehouse "Trump" Selvage Bandana (Red)

$110.00 AUD

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Straight flush!

Could be the best bandana you have ever seen!

This selvage bandana is slowly woven on a reconstructed vintage denim machine. The original vintage denim machine comes with a 90 cm width selvage opening which Warehouse Co. has adjusted the machine to make the selvage opening 59cm - just the same width as this selvage bandana.

Compared with the standard cotton twill that most bandanas are made of, this selvage bandana has a more uneven texture, while still possessing a silky smooth touch. The colour is thread-dyed and the pattern is discharge printed by hand, so with wear and wash you can expect it to age like Warehouse Co.'s raw selvage denim!

If you are looking for a One-of-a-kind bandana, this is a perfect choice!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese lightweight selvage cotton twill
  • The colour is thread-dyed
  • Graphic design is discharge printed
  • Made In Japan
  • Size: 59cm X 59cm

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