Unique Garment 'No Introduction Fee' Loopwheeled Tee (White)

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We love Japan, including its nightlife! From the subtle buzz of the neon lights to the lively bars and clubs, it's another whole micro-universe in there!

It's hard to forget the FREAKYNESS of the adult zones. From the lounges, strip clubs and hostess spots with the many cuties out the front. There are no fees for anyone to come in and enjoy these spots as everyone knows they got that quality! In Japan, people call those areas as --- "无料案内所", which means "No Introduction Fee Spots“. We get inspired by it because we also believe, if we can produce the highest quality products with interesting ideas, we do not need to pay any marketing fees, that is how we birth our "N.I.F" graphic design.

The front side features a 'box logo' in classic Tokyo neon signage style. For the curious, the Japanese Kanji translates to 'NO INTRODUCTION FEE'.

The backside brings back some memories. UG has in-imagined the quintessential 'spot' for the good stuff hidden in Japan! From the 'RAW HIDE' display to the 'UNDER 18OZ' sign you know these are some pleasurable products such as LOT:1001 series denim!

Formulated to feel like air against the skin, this 7oz loopwheel fabric is woven super slowly using pure cotton fibres.

The dense, loopwheel weaving method and the triple-stitched collar will keep the tee from getting out of shape and form a perfect fit around your body.

The over-dye technique will result in a beautiful, deeply faded look with long term usage. You'll also feel the texture become softer and softer gaining a soulful atmosphere.

Discharge printed with 4 unique colours for each colourway of T-shirt, to make up for more depth, the overall artwork feels like a portal to our favourite spots in Tokyo!

If you check other Made In Japan discharge printed graphic design t-shirts again, most of them only come with one or two colourways of printing, because each colourway of printing requires one individual printing process. Discharge printed with 4 unique colours means we need to discharge print the graphic design 4 times, which costs 4 times more than 1 colourway.

With time, the sharp details will maintain clarity but slowly crackle to a vintage USA tee look.

UG has captured the essence of the Tokyo nightlife with this one, why not experience it again for yourself!?

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 7oz loopwheel fabric (which is slowly weaved from old machine)
  • Colour is over-dyed
  • Triple stitched collar
  • 'Single Needle Lock Stitched' sleeves & hem
  • Graphic design is discharge printed
  • Once Washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Tapered fit
  • Made In Japan

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