Unique Garment 'Must Go Up' Loopwheel Tee (Black)

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When times get tough, remember... "What goes down, MUST GO UP!"

Famous throughout Japan, the 'Daruma' has become one of the global icons of Japanese folklore. The concept originates as a way to keep hope and set one's goals. When looking at the face of the daruma the face is blank and the owner must make a wish and paint one eye... when that wish is achieved, the second eye is painted. Daruma is carefully crafted in a way that no matter how they fall, they will always return upright. UG believes in this logic and wants to show the world the power is in ourselves!

Formulated to feel like air against the skin, this 7oz loopwheel fabric is woven super slowly using pure cotton fibres. The dense, loopwheel weaving method and the triple-stitched collar will keep the tee from getting out of shape and form a perfect fit around your body.

This 3 colour artwork is skilfully printed like some classic woodblock paintings with layer upon layer of the art. With many intricate details depicting the Daruma and its journey to achieve one's dream, you can treat this as your own.

If you're a fan of modernised Japanese culture, these UG tees are an amazing choice for your collection!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 7oz loopwheel fabric (which is slowly weaved from old machine)
  • Colour is over-dyed
  • Triple stitched collar
  • 'Single Needle Lock Stitched' sleeves & hem
  • Graphic design is discharge printed
  • Once Washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Tapered fit
  • Made In Japan

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