Unique Garment 9oz 'Stanley' Selvage Chambray Work Shirt (Cream)

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We love classic chambray shirts!However, most of the ones you often find usually only use some standard chambray, and feature a texture too even and too soft, unlike what we've been eager for. We are always discussing with our Japanese factories to see how could we improve the chambray and produce our killer look chambray which you might have never experienced before! This season, we deliver you this amazing 'Stanley' chambray work shirt!

'Stanley' takes inspiration from the infamous historical Australian hustler and substance dealer who ran a black market business on the commercial wharves in the 1920s... hence making up for the DOPEST of chambray.

To bring something truly unique, we worked with some of Japan's most skilfully factories to create this chambray. Unlike typical 'chambray', this is made with a denim weaving machine. It has a more uneven texture and is more rigid to the touch. The colourway is made up of natural, unbleached cotton with natural variations in colour. With time, this one will gradually age to a brighter, natural white colour.

To add the vintage atmosphere to this garment, we used the first-gen of union special vintage triple-needle chain stitching machines which are very durable and result in a raised feeling with better rope style fades than modern machines. The buttons make up the soul of this shirt so we've used natural shell buttons with an irregular pattern. The cuffs feature exposed chambray selvage for a tasteful contrast when the sleeves are rolled up. The chest pockets are extra durable thanks to the re-enforced stitches and for added detailing a hidden 'U' shape has been incorporated.

  • 100% Unbleached Cotton
  • Japanese 9oz uneven textured selvage chambray
  • 'U' shaped Twin chest pockets
  • Large natural shell button
  • Chain-stitching construction
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan 

NOTES: This shirt would shrink 0.7'' in the vertical length & sleeves; 0.3'' in other dimensions with washes.

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