Unique Garment 14oz 'Before Dawn' Type 2 Black Denim Jacket

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In the early morning, there is an hour of complete darkness…. before dawn. This pitch black gradually begins to reveal glimmers of light, revealing that the day is about to begin!

Coinciding with the release of their black denim jeans, this modified type 2 denim jacket is constructed using the same 14oz black denim fabric specially developed by UG. This 14oz 'Before Dawn' denim is black sulphur thread-dyed for both the weft and warp, a process that is repeated many times to achieve one of the darkest tones we have seen. Both the warp and the weft are in complete darkness! The vertical texture is strong and has a subtle neppy feeling. With wear and wash, you'll see white highlights appear just like the start of dawn, exposing the areas of wear and beautiful texture.

The continuation of darkness is carried across the entire jacket. From the specially dyed copper rivets that require 6 months of soaking to the black coated iron buttons, the hardware will gain a high contrast aged look in time as they oxidise and chip. The royal-inspired, gold-stamped deerskin leather patch is super soft and has an amazing texture under the sunlight. The pocket bags and sleeve cuffs feature a black thread-dyed HBT fabric that's comfy against the skin and durable for long-term wear.

Sewn with vintage machines to achieve the ideal chain and single stitches UG has created the ideal balance between vintage fading and durability. The front pleats feature extra heavyweight stitching to help prevent this area from being worn out. Double-stitching is used with UG's signature 'U' shape, which provides more strength than classic box-style construction.

Fitting-wise, it has a longer vertical length and slimmer sleeves than the vintage Levi's Type-2 denim jacket that will fit for a more modern look!

We think you'll be impressed with UG's latest black denim jacket, lets's experience 'BEFORE DAWN'!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 14oz light purple & silver ID vertical textured denim
  • Black sulphur is thread dyed for both weft and warp
  • Vegetable tanned deerskin leather patch
  • Black over-dyed iron buttons & rivets
  • Twin chest pockets
  • Twin front side pockets
  • Japanese 5oz black chambray lined cuffs & flaps of pockets
  • Double stitched “U” shape front pleats
  • Japanese 5oz HBT inner pockets
  • Tailored fit
  • Made In Japan

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