The Flat Head Horsehide 40s Single Sport Jacket (Black Tea-cored)

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Back in stock again! This is the special run we have created for you!

Talking about some of the best 'Made In Japan' leather jackets, you can not ignore The Flat Head! The concept of this sport jacket is inspired by the 1940s vintage version, which The Flat Head has re-created to the next level!

The shell is made of a 1.3mm thick horsehide which is specially developed by The Flat Head! It takes 4 ~ 6 months to finish the vegetable tanning process and the black uneven dyeing (a.k.a Black Tea-core Dyeing). With wear and leather conditioning, the black leather will darken with a higher sheen as well as lighter tones on wear areas, making for a beautiful vintage patina!

This jacket is lined with their signature midweight kersey rayon, which is made from bamboo fibre. This fabric is silky-soft against the skin and has antibacterial properties, making this horsehide jacket more breathable on warm days!

This jacket features a pleated construction for ease of movement during daily wear. The back has twin brass buckles that allow you to adjust for different styling and layering in different seasons!

Fitting-wise, compared with some 1940s vintage versions, the sleeves are slimmer and shorter, and the body shape is more curved which fits perfectly for a modern fashionable look!

For those who are looking for an 'Only The Best' single sport horsehide jacket, we guarantee this will amaze you!
  • Shell: 1.3mm vegetable tanned & black colourway unevenly dyed horsehide (which will appear some reddish-brown underneath with much wear)
  • Lining: Japanese lightweight kersey rayon
  • Left chest pocket
  • Twin front side pockets
  • Brass back buckles
  • Hidden internal chest pocket
  • Adjustable waistbands
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan

ATTENTION: This Jacket is qualified for a complimentary global DHL premium express service due to the feature of the precious.

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