Samurai 8.5oz "Musashi Vs. Tengu" Loopwheeled Tee (Navy)

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Yet again, Samurai is back with some of the industry's best graphic 'ART' loopwheeled tees for you to enjoy!

This graphic tee takes inspiration from the legendary hero Miyamoto Musashi as he fights against a Tengu. A supernatural forest being in Japanese folklore, a Tengu is a yōkai, that is, a sort of spirit deity found in many guises across the Shinto religion. The Tengu is a voracious creature, who is always attempting to take a bite out of the full moon. Musashi battles with it to save mankind, for if the Tengu ever succeeds in sating its hunger the world will come to an end! For that reason Samurai has paid heed to Musashi’s bravery twice on this shirt!

Samurai have been especially playful with this one - featuring the striking print of the ferocious battle between our two characters, this shirt also has a second little homage to our hero. The front print of the shirt has a linguistic pun in it; Samurai have written out numbers 1 to 9, but skipped out on 3 and 4. In Japanese, the words for three and four sound similar to the syllables in Musashi’s name, meaning that their exclusion in this lineup mark them as specially reserved for Musashi’s moniker.

This tee is constructed with Samurai's signature heavyweight 8.5oz loopwheel fabric. Slowly woven using vintage machines, this fabric has a substantial, super-soft feel with a mildly irregular texture! With time, the sulphur-dyed colourway will age to a soulful vintage look! Samurai’s printing technique is super skilful! If you look closely, you can see the crisp level of detail and lettering that features varying levels of tone that will develop a gorgeous marbled look with wear.

If you are looking for a premium loopwheel tee, with amazing graphic design inspired by Japanese folklore, Samurai is a fantastic choice!
  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 8.5oz loopwheeled knitting fabric
  • The colour is over-dyed
  • Graphic designs are discharge printed
  • Flat stitched collar, sleeves & hem
  • Once washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan

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