Samurai 10oz "Kamome" Denim Western Shirt

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Caw, caw! Can you hear the cry of the Samurai Seagull?

Flying in from far overseas, the Kamome Western Shirt has deftly landed! Samurai’s 10oz Western Shirt, is a classic Samurai staple piece, with all the consideration and charming detail the brand is known for.

Made from an irregular #10 yarn, giving the denim some lovely texture across the surface, this shirt is a fashionably slimmer-fit western shirt. Featuring cotton stitching across the garment, for a tough and hardy shirt, this piece is easy to dress up or wear casually. Constructed with their signature 10oz silver ID selvage denim, the entire shirt has been skilfully single needle and chain stitched. With wear, you’ll see strong contrast ageing with a beautiful vertical appearance thanks to the many shades of indigo dye.

Kamome, when translated, means Seagull, which informs the shirt’s touches. The yoke and pockets are directly reminiscent of the classic Samurai ‘Seagull Stitching’. When opened, underneath the Seagull pocket, a shiny line of selvedge pops out, representing the horizon line as the seagull flies across the ocean!

Additional details include winding stitches for aesthetic flair and square-dot buttons that offset the cotton beautifully. Also of note is the sleeve selvedge detailing, juxtaposed excellently next to the snap buttons. Finally, a nut cat-eye button on the top button is a perfect finishing touch - the Seagull better be careful of that feline!

With time the precisely detailed arc-stitching will soulfully age, as will the snaps and wooden collar buttons, which will gradually become darker and much shinier. A truly charming patina!

Thanks to its mid-weight, you can comfortably wear this shirt throughout all seasons! Wear it how you like, as a jacket or even as an undershirt! Time to start flyin’ high like the ‘Gulls!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 10oz silver selvage ID denim
  • Genuine indigo dyed
  • Twin chest pocket
  • Wooden top button
  • "Seagull Stitching" pattern on the yoke and pockets
  • "Blade-Star" snap buttons
  • Chain-stitching construction
  • Once washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Made In Japan

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