Pure Blue Japan 17.5oz Natural Indigo AI-013 Denim (Slim Tapered Fit)

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Many of you might have heard about "Natural Indigo Hand-Dyed" Japanese denim (a.k.a Aizome), today, we would love to introduce you to this highest-end natural indigo hand-dyed denim from PBJ for you to enjoy!

Compared with their standard indigo-dyed denim, this AI hand-dyed denim uses ultra-thick cotton thread to finish. Woven from old fashion shuttle looms at an even slower pace than usual. This process ensures the denim will hold its shape better and last longer than their other standard denim. Secondly, the texture of the denim will look even bolder and more uneven, with a vertical pattern resembling an “Indigo Waterfall"!

The natural indigo hand-dyeing process, is based on an over a thousand-year-old tradition of skilful craftsmanship, which only a handful of artisans in Japan can finish perfectly, or we should say ---- MAGICALLY! To hand-dye these ultra-thick cotton threads in natural indigo, artisans have to choose the weather which is not too hot nor too cold, the humidity should be around 80%, and the artisans have to dye the cotton threads in natural indigo liquor very carefully to make sure the natural indigo colour is even and beautiful. Natural indigo does not contain the same chemicals found in standard indigo dyes that enable it to quickly and efficiently penetrate the cotton fibre. As such, the dyeing process has to be repeated around 50 times to make sure the natural indigo denim looks dark and ages with many hues of indigo with time!

Construction-wise, you can see the stitching is made of ultra-thick cotton threads to enhance its construction. In addition, PBJ asks their craftsman to hand-stitch select stress points and pockets areas! The colours of cotton threads that are used for stitching are also naturally hand-dyed, with wear and wash, they will age soulfully along with the natural indigo-dyed denim!

To be honest, this is not the denim made for everyone... If you consider yourselves as some hardcore DENIM HEAD and looking for some Highest-end Japanese denim, these will open up your eyes!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 17.5oz blue selvage ID "waterfall" textured denim
  • Natural indigo is hand-dyed
  • Vegetable-tanned sheepskin leather patch
  • Copper buttons & pocket rivets
  • Hidden back rivets
  • Roped belt loops
  • PBJ "Leaf" Logo is embroidered on the left back pocket
  • Once washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Mid-low rise/ Slim tapered fit
  • Made In Japan

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