Nano Colloid Premium Denim Wash By Warehouse

$66.00 AUD

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Take care of your denims with Warehouse’s classic denim wash!

This detergent is made specially to only remove sebum stains and impurities from your denims whilst maintaining their indigo colour!

Made from naturally occurring ingredients, this detergent is a waste-free solution for your denim washing needs! This works gently through the warp and weft of your denims, giving them a full wash whilst ensuring no damage to the fabric or discolouration to the indigo.

The gold edition of this wash is the floral version from warehouse, which should leave you with a soft and familiar scent after washing, whilst the silver variation is the citrus scented edition, for a sharp and fresh change of pace.

It is recommended that one capful is used in the wash with your denims, and if you are trying to remove a particular stain to apply some to the affected area prior to washing.

  • Made with natural soy acid and highly purified water
  • Nanoparticle technology
  • Gentle but strong stain remover
  • Great for not just denim but all cotton garments
  • Made in Japan

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