Momotaro 8oz "Going To Battle" Tee (Burgundy)

$110.00 AUD

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A new standard, an iconic classic!

Momotaro is back again, with their new and improved GTB tee - this time at slightly heavier 8oz! Spun from thick Zimbabwean cotton on vintage looms, these tees are wonderfully wearable. The increased weight from previous seasons reveals even more texture across the tee, which will, with wear, age stunningly. Over time it will continue to soften and become perfect for everyday wear! The neck is made from a particular solid binder specification, so it's sure to hold up over many years of year, and retain that proper neckline that all good tees need! 

And, of course, this tee features the iconic GTB stripes on the sleeve! The stripes are discharge printed, and will age and crackle gracefully with wash and wear. As the tee ages the yarn-dye colour will fade to a vintage look, which will contrasting nicely against the iconic GTB double stripes!

If you know, you know - and you know Momo!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese 8oz Zimbabwean cotton (slowly woven from old machine)
  • Burgundy color is yarn-dyed
  • 'GTB' double stripes are discharge printed (which will age gradually with wears & washes)
  • Once washed (minimal shrinkage)
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan

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