Momotaro 13.5oz 0405-AI "Ultimate Natural Indigo" Denim (High Tapered fit)

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Behold - The holy grail of Japanese indigo denim!

We are often asked by our customers about the finest quality Japanese denim on the market. Finally, we can say without reservation - this is the best of the best! From the fabric to the construction and the amazing details, the Momotaro Ultimate Natural Indigo Denim is truly a work of art!

First of all, this denim is made of extra-long-staple, top-grade Zimbabwe cotton, which has been grown indoors and hand-picked. This cotton is renowned for its strength and softness with a hand feel similar to the finest silk! 

Secondly, this denim is constructed by the first-generation GL9, a half-hand-operated vintage denim machine. Woven at a super slow rate, with a single pair of denim taking 5-7 days to create! Many Japanese denim fans have seen youtube videos showing how Momotaro constructs their highest denim on traditional hand-operated wooden looms.

The natural indigo dyeing process is undertaken by Momotaro's best craftsmen combining using centuries-old traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. The cotton yarns are dyed 30 times with 100% natural indigo which can only be done 1 time per day before the process is repeated.

This traditional natural indigo hand-dyed technique will make sure this beautiful natural indigo will last over centuries that you can leave to your grandchildren or grand-grandchildren! With wear and wash, you will expect more shades of sky blue coming up little by little!

Speaking of details, this features a luxury-standard natural indigo-dyed Japanese silk lining on the yoke for extra strength and comfort! The pocket bags are constructed with the finest-grade Zimbabwe cotton and woven on the GL9 loom. Going to the NEXT-LEVEL, Momotaro has chosen rivets and the top button made with 925 silver. The natural indigo sashiko patch is hand-woven for a more soulful look than typical machine-made sashiko. The beautiful hand-embroidered design depicts a magical gourd said to catch evil spirits and bring good luck and long life!

This denim is not for everyone, but if you are a die-hard denim fan, the Momotaro Ultimate Natural Indigo Denim is the ultimate choice!

  • 100% Hand-picked Zimbabwe cotton
  • Japanese 13.5oz indigo colour selvage ID smooth denim (slowly woven from the first-generation GL9, a half-hand-operated vintage denim machine. Woven at a super slow rate,  taking 5-7 days to create)
  • 30 Times natural indigo is rope-dyed by hands
  • 925 Silver rivets and major buttons
  • Silver-coated brass fly buttons
  • Roped belt loops
  • Japanese natural indigo dyed silk lined yoke
  • Natural indigo hand-woven sashiko patch
  • Indigo colour inseam stitching
  • Mid-high rise/High Tapered fit
  • Made In Japan
The denim is sanforized, however, they are raw and they still retain some shrinkages with different ways of soakings and washings:

Cold Soak —— 0.5'' in the waist; 0.75'' in the inseam
Warm Soak/Cold Machine Wash —— 0.75'' in the waist; 1.25'' in the inseam
Warm Machine Wash —— 1.25'' in the waist; 1.75'' in the inseam

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