Legend "Vivid Flora" Silver Ring With Turquoise (R-75-TQ)

$297.00 AUD

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Legendary silver art from Japan!

This simple yet elegant ring is inspired by the never-ending perspective we see when looking up at the sky, represented by the beautiful natural turquoise gemstone!

Hand-crafted by Nao, the silver artisan behind Legend, this piece showcases his decades of experience, honing and perfecting his craft! Each part of the ring is built carefully layer by layer to achieve the finished product. First, the elegant band is cast and shaped to fit comfortably on the finger. Secondly, the finely detailed "flora" pattern is applied as a separate layer. Thirdly, the turquoise gemstone is carefully set in the middle and hand-polished to a high sheen! Due to it being a natural product, each gemstone is unique and will have its own individual pattern! Finally, the whole ring is hand-polished to achieve a mirror finish!

This is an extremely delicate and complex process that yields a unique, three-dimensional style. Talking about the touch of the interior and outer, this ring feels super smooth and comfortable.

Created with an ultra-pure, specially-developed 925 silver, these pieces will oxidise to a contrasted look with wear. In time the three-dimensional shapes will appear even more crisp and deeper!

If you are looking for a simple yet beautiful turquoise silver ring, Legend is a fantastic choice!

  • 92.5% Silver; 7.5% Classified metals for the body
  • Natural turquoise gemstone
  • 3mm width
  • Hand-built layer-by-layer
  • Made by Nao, in Japan