Legend Size Small "Rebirth" Ring (R-65-S)

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Each piece from Legend is so special, we're excited to introduce this new style to you all!

Taking inspiration from Japanese cultural stories, the tales of 'rebirth' represent a new beginning for the people and is typically symbolised as a rising Phoenix. Looking closely you can see the fiery feathers of the rising Phoenix in this piece.

Built using solid, custom-developed silver material. Nao, the craftsman slowly hammers the ring into its final shape. The feather pattern is hand carved and embellishes the surface so elegantly. Looking closely you can see the movement in the design as if it's alive. To add even more contrast, the 'Rebirth' design has been skilfully plated with 24k gold. With time you'll see some beautifully strong contrast between the oxidised silver and 24k gold details.

Enjoy this one for a lifetime as it ages to an even more contrasted, beautiful look as the silver oxidises!

With each glance, another detail is revealed.

  • 92.5% Silver; 7.5% Classified metals for the body
  • 3mm width
  • Hand built layer by layer
  • 24K Gold is engraved
  • Made by Nao, in Japan