Legend Silver "Spiral" Totem Bead (OT-21)

$110.00 AUD

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We know our silver fans have been seeking some more sophisticated beads for their silver sets. Here we have some amazingly detailed ones from Legend!

Using decades of experience, Legend builds each bead layer by layer. Just like their bangles and pendants.

Created with 925 silver, this will age to a rich black oxidised look. The immense level of details will only become more apparent.

Firstly, Yoshihara Nao creates the base shape using their hand hammered ‘stippling’ effect. This is a seriously slow and demanding process! The ‘spiral’ decoration is created separately. Finally, the separate layers are joined together to form the final design. This is an extremely delicate and complex process that yields a unique, three-dimensional style.

These are perfect for your deerskin rope necklaces and bracelets!

  • 92.5% Silver; 7.5% Classified metals for the body
  • The pattern of “ Spiral" is engraved skilfully
  • Hand Built by Nao in Japan
  • W 5mm X L 18mm

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