Legend "Crest" Ring With Red Garnet (R-9-GN)

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The vision of Nao amazes us yet again!

As one of Legend's most elegant rings, this 'crest' design is a symbol of royalty and longevity. The curved details create a sense of gravity towards the centre red garnet stone. The red garnet stone itself is a symbol of eternity and has a fluid appearance, like ripples of water in a red ocean.

The perfectly polished silver band is very comfortable and balances the extravagant crest design. The overall shape is skilfully hand shaped by Nao the craftsmen.

Thanks to being created with an extra pure specially developed silver, the overall ring will oxidise to a contrasted look in time. The three-dimensional shapes will become even more apparent and deep.

If you have been looking for a single ring to wear for a sophisticated jewellery set, this is it.

  • 92.5% Silver; 7.5% Classified metals for the body
  • Natural red garnet stone
  • 14mm width
  • Hand-built layer by layer
  • Made by Nao, in Japan