Legend 11mm "Lakeside" Bangle With 22K Gold Emblem (B-17)

$990.00 AUD

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Another masterpiece just landed!

In Japanese culture, nature is highly respected. They believe we should treat nature with the utmost care. This piece takes inspiration from 'Wafu (和風)', which is how they describe the authentic atmosphere of natural sights. More specifically, Nao created a 'Lakeside' reminiscent of ancient Japanese ink paintings. The surface of this bangle has been textured to appear like sand. This takes serious skill and restraint to create a natural-looking pattern. This sandbank detail is complemented by the chiselled edges which represent the flowing water of the lake. Each chisel cut is carefully positioned and makes up for a one of a kind result that is genuinely naturally looking. This chisel cut section is then handed polished to allow it to glimmer in the light and gain more contrast with time.

Created by Nao, the sole craftsman of Legend, each bangle is hand-shaped, hammered and polished from a solid piece of a specially developed silver which is purer than the typical 925 and features more dramatic ageing with natural oxidisation. The solid 22k gold emblem is also hand shaped and skilfully attached to the final piece.

Legend strives to create soulful silver art that is genuine in its concept and skilful in its execution. If you are a fan of silver jewellery, this is a very special piece to have!

  • 92.5% Silver ; 7.5% Classified metals for the body
  • 22K solid gold for the emblem
  • 12mm width
  • Hand-built layer by layer
  • Made by Nao, in Japan

Please choose 5mm ~ 10mm bigger than your true wrist size. I.e, if your wrist is 16cm, please choose size 17cm instead of 16cm.