Legend 10mm Ultimate "Flora" Bangle With Blue Topaz (B-85-BT)

$1,980.00 AUD

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The ultimate corsage for the most discerning appreciator! 

Legend, a brand already known for its stunning craftsmanship, helmed and made entirely by one man, presents us here with something unusual even by his standards - Introducing the Ultimate "Flora" Bangle!

Made entirely from Legend's patent 925 silver, and measuring to 10 milmetres, this is one weighty bangle! Skilfully shaped all over the outer edge is Nao's signature 'Flora' pattern, representing the youthful exuberance of life. This pattern is created separately from the bangle itself, with each curve and smooth edge completely carved by hand. This level of craftsmanship can not be done any other way.

Looking closely you can see the chiselled edges and 'stone' looking texture that has been hand-hammered to add more depth to the piece. The polishing process is also completed by hand, from the outside to the inside, the bangle feels super smooth and comfortable.

Then, in the centre, sits a stunningly large Blue Topaz. A symbol of peace, the Topaz gleams out striking, as if it were the sun reflecting of the waves of the sea. 

With time, the 925 silver will age to a rich black oxidised look. The immense level of detail will only become stronger.

  • 92.5% Silver; 7.5% Classified metals for the body
  • Natural blue topaz stone
  • 10mm width
  • Hand built layer by layer
  • Made by Nao, in Japan

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