Legend 10mm "Eternal" Bangle With 22K Gold Ivy & Red Garnet

$4,675.00 AUD

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Legendary for Eternity!

We see so many silver brands but none do it like Legend. Each piece from Legend is another beautiful story created by the hands of the brand's sole craftsman, Nao. This time he shows us his vision for a 'Luxury Lifetime'.

At the centre of this piece is the natural beauty of the red garnet stone. The oval shape setting gives off glimmers of red light, it looks like it has a soul of its own and has incredible depth when gazed at. Growing outwards from the red garnet are the 22k gold ivy details. These have been carved from a solid piece of 22k gold and themselves are of serious enough standard to make for small pendants or earrings. The ivy pattern represents youthfulness and prosperity, complementing the overall design so well. The canvas for these details mentioned is the solid silver bangle. Looking closely you can see the chiselled edges and 'stone' looking texture that has been hand-hammered to add more depth to the piece.

With so many luxury standard materials, Nao has masterfully applied these with a restrained approach to make for a tasteful look. With time, the gold and red garden details will gain a strong contrast against the silver and make up for a soulful look.

If you're a fan of Legend, this is one of the ultimate choices to enjoy for eternity!

  • 92.5% Silver ; 7.5% Classified metals for the body
  • 22K solid gold for the ‘Ivy' detailed patterns
  • Natural red garnet stone
  • 10mm width
  • Hand-built layer by layer
  • Made by Nao, in Japan

Please choose 5mm ~ 10mm bigger than your true wrist size. I.e, if your wrist is 16cm, please choose size 17cm instead of 16cm..