Inception by Accel Company Horsehide "Garrison Belt" (Navy Teacored)

$275.00 AUD

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Neatly tied up!

Another lifestyle upgrade, coming to you from Accel Leatherworks!

Made from carefully selected 3mm thick European horsehide, this "Garrison" Belt is double-layered for a total 6mm thickness, just like the vintage belts that were originally modified for general citizen use! The horsehide is vegetable-tanned and unevenly dyed in Japan, and with wear, you will expect some natural tan colour to reveal itself, with more sheen coming up little by little.

Finished with a hand-polished, brass buckle with nickel plated finish, in classic Chicago Construction. With time, you will expect it to patina to a more vintage look.

If you are looking for a high-end horsehide belt, this is an ideal choice!

  • 3mm thick European premium horsehide (taken from the rear part of the horse)
  • The colour is unevenly dyed & vegetable-tanned in Japan
  • Polished Brass buckle with nickel plated finish
  • 44mm in width
  • Handmade In Japan

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Note: Since natural leather is used, there will be normally occurring scratches, wrinkles, and texture. Due to the characteristics of leather, the colour may transfer to clothing due to friction or moisture. Please be especially careful with light-coloured items.

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