Inception by Accel Company Fireman Buckle Saddle Leather Belt (Black)

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Don't burn your hands - Accel Company has brought us something pretty exciting! 

Presenting the Fireman Buckle Saddle Leather Belt! Made from Japanese Benz (buttock) leather for that extra tough and unyielding leather, this piece is made with the same care and exacting quality you can expect from any Accel product.

They've let the leather really soak in the tank - about a month longer than you usually would, meaning the dye is deep and rich, and the fibres of the leather tighter. Then, by hand, Accel has cut the belt to size, polished it up with a high-pressure iron, and released it to the world. Additionally, the belt 'obi' has a Nenbiki (a decorative line/pattern) across it to accentuate the belt and give it some subtle flair. 

But this belt is more than just beautiful leather - it features a truly unique buckle system! Inspired by the British firefighters of old, who would use metal fittings for their hoses, this buckle mechanism is directly derived from the same mechanism that would secure a fire horse. Giving the belt some serious style, and being extremely quick to take on and off, this buckle is really something else. 

As you wear the belt the dye will wear gracefully, as will the metal fittings. A piece to enjoy for many years! 

Hose off....Belt on! 

  • 100% Domestic 3mm thickness Japanese saddle cowhide leather 
  • Longer-soaked leather, for a deep rich dye
  • Solid brass buckle
  • Fireman buckle-head
  • 33mm width
  • Made In Japan

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