Freewheelers Heavy Stronghold Suspender

$275.00 AUD

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Keep them up with Freewheelers!

Straight outta of the 1800s, FW are bringing back this classic daily necessity from the past to the highest standard!

Reinforced with cowhide sections to result in maximum durability, unlike vintage examples which usually used pieces of rubber. The suspended straps are densely woven using vintage machines and are flexible but strong enough to maintain the desired height of your trousers.

The brass hardware makes up for a vintage taste and will oxidise to a soulful look over time against the vegetable tanned cowhide sections.

If you're keen to complete the vintage style or experience the unique accessories from the past, this is a super-serious one! In Freewheelers we trust!

  • Made In Japan
  • Size: Regular (W29~W34); Long (W36~W40)

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