First Arrow's Size Small Mini Oval Pendant With Turquoise (P-297)

$220.00 AUD

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PendaGlowing like the sea!

This piece features the inset Turquoise stone in a deep sea-green. After carefully making the body from the signiature FA silver, the Turquoise stone is gently inserted, and then polished to a high shine! Depending on how you think about it, the Turquoise stone lets you get lost either imagining the endless sea, or the boundless sky. Get lost in both! 

This 100% hand-crafted pendant come to us from the venerable First Arrows’ most skilled artisans. Handmade in First Arrow's signature 950 Silver with exacting detail, some of the most talented silver smiths in Japan have worked hard to finish the subtle details for each piece. With time and wear the silver will age gracefully and truly become one with the wearer!

A classic piece, perfect as a subtle single piece, or to round out and extend a chain! 

  • 95% Silver; 5% Classified metal for the body
  • Natural "Turquoise" stone
  • H andcrafted In Japan by First Arrow's most skilled artisans
  • Size: S (W:9mm X H:14mm)

The First Arrow's 950 silver is nothing like any other brands' 925 Silver products. It is made for a better ageing effect with 95% of silver and the rest 5% is classified. After a While in use, the silver will be oxidised with many shades of black-mahogany.

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