First Arrow's Silver ‘Large Feather’ Pendant with 18K Gold Emblem and Ruby (P-002J)

$935.00 AUD

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The First Arrows draw from the past and create truly beautiful new age pieces that are unlike any other! Here we have one of our most popular and recently received pendants from First Arrows!

In the past, the Native Americans believed that the eagle feather was a symbol of strength, leadership and vision of the wise. The 18K Gold Emblem is also a symbol, it represents the Native Indian's highly sacred sun god!

When it comes to creating these new-age masterpieces, FA slowly craft the entire pendant and carve every fibre, this requires the utmost level of skill! The entire body of the feather pendant is created from FA’s 950 silver, which is made up of 95% silver and 5% ‘classified’ metal. This means each and every detail will only get better with time and oxidise with many shades of black-mahogany.
This 950 looks beautiful as it ages alongside the deep colours of the Ruby and the 18K gold emblem! 

Placing the 18K emblem onto the feather is extremely difficult and requires a perfect application! What makes the details on this piece even crazier is how the ruby has been placed perfectly on top of the 18K emblem! 

This is the perfect choice for those looking to experience beautifully a crafted pendant with a soul of its own! This piece works well by itself or amongst your other favourite gears!
  • 95% Silver ; 5% Classified metals for the body 
  • The pattern of "feather fibre" is engraved by most skilled First Arrow's silver smiths
  • 18k Gold for the "Sunburst" First Arrow's emblem
  • Natural ruby stone
  • Hand Built in Japan
  • Size: L(W11mm × H68mm)

The First Arrow's 950 silver is nothing like any other brands' 925 Silver products. It is made for better ageing effect with 95% of silver and the rest 5% is classified. After a While in use, the silver will be oxidised with many shades of black-mahogany. 

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