First Arrow's 18K Gold "Medicine Mark" Mini Pendant (P-775)

$429.00 AUD

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A blinding burst of light!

In Native American culture the Medicine Wheel symbol evokes the blessings of good health, and so is often used as a charm for good luck and vitality. Drawing on these tenets, the First Arrow's 18K gold “Medicine Wheel" Medal Mini Pendant is sure to dazzle!

Constructed from 100% handcrafted solid 18K gold by First Arrow's most skilled artisans, this piece is very delicately made. Simple designs belie an incredible workmanship - FA’s reputation precedes them, always. Carefully shaped by the FA’s artisans who subtly change up the design every so often, we’re pleased to debut the revamped Medicine Wheel design here.

So, a perfect charm all round - simple clean designs, with elegant artisanal work. The "Medicine Wheel" symbol also makes it a very good charm, so it’s sure to bring luck! Easy to pair with other gear, or worn solely on it’s lonesome!
  • All 18k Gold for the body
  • "Sunburst" First Arrow's emblem
  • Handcrafted in Japan by First Arrow's most skilled artisans
  • Size: 14mm X 11mm

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