First Arrow's 18K Gold Sunburst Emblem "Medium Feather" Silver Pendant (P-520)

$495.00 AUD

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The classic soft elegance of the feather! A First Arrows staple!

Here is First Arrows' medium feather pendant constructed with FA's specially crafted 950 silver. The silver feather is hand built in Japan and every feather fibre is hand engraved by FA's skilful silver smith.
A symbol of freedom and courage in Native American culture, the eagle feather inspires the wearer and makes for a striking accessory! This piece can match equally well other pendants or be worn alone.

The solid 18k Sunburst emblem in Native American culture represents the Sun God which gives life to everything around it! With time it will contrast nicely against the silver and retain its gleaming golden-yellow shine!

Enjoy soaring like the eagle as you rock this beautiful piece!

  • 95% Silver; 5% Classified metals for the body 
  • The pattern of "feather fibre" is engraved by the most skilled First Arrow's silver smiths
  • 18k Gold for the "Sunburst" First Arrow's emblem
  • Hand Built in Japan
  • Size H55mm x W12mm

The First Arrow's 950 silver is nothing like any other brands' 925 Silver products. It is made for better ageing effect with 95% of silver and the rest 5% is classified. After a While in use, the silver will be oxidised with many shades of black-mahogany.

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