Legend 22K Gold Ultimate "Large Feather" Pendant (Retired Product)

$9,999.00 AUD

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This is that true LUXURY standard! 

We’ve never seen anything like this before. When talking about serious, handmade ART-LEVEL jewellery from Japan you can’t ignore Legend.

Typically this kind of design is seen with various small details created in 18k gold but it is rarely seen in complete 22k gold!

These are skillfully made from SOLID 22k gold. This is actually ~95% gold, so pure! In-person, you can see the beautiful golden sheen this has. No doubt this will compliment your quality silver jewellery pieces so perfectly!

These eagle feather pendants are some of the most unique we’ve seen in the game. Created by hand, of course, each feather has a completely three-dimensional feel. Each fibre of the feather flows in a curved manner to make up for a ‘flying in the wind’ appearance. This is very different from other silver brands.

The beautifully curved stem has an elegant curve which is again much more exaggerated than other brands. This is ‘realism’ style silver art which is extremely difficult to design and create. Inspired by the highly respected eagles in Native American and Japanese culture, these feel so ‘real’.

If you’re after some of the most high-end pieces, you can’t pass on this!

  • 95% Gold; 5% Classified metals
  • The pattern of "feather fiber" is engraved skilfully
  • Hand Built by Nao in Japan
  • Size: 65mm X 15mm