First Arrow's Large Eagle Claw Feather Silver Pendant (P-567)

$550.00 AUD

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The Eagle claw is a very classic and heavily Native Indian inspired design! In Native Indian culture the eagle claw and feather symbolises strength, leadership and vision. They are also believed to spiritually connect the Natives to their Gods.

The beautifully made eagle claw is three dimensional and really gives depth to the pendant. Its smooth surface is super detailed and a clear sign of skilled design & craftsmanship! Underneath the claw is the iconic feather design. Each tiny fibre is created by hand, the appearance of these details is flawless! Together these two designs complement each other perfectly. Another special detail on these particular pendants is the roped binding detail located around the necklace opening. This is inspired by the traditional Native Indian techniques used in construction of hunting equipment.

This entire piece is made from First Arrows special 950 silver. This is unlike any other silver, its super dense character will age beautifully with use. Small details will become more apparent and stand out! The appearance of the aged silver is similar to very fine mahogany wood, allowing the elegant design to become even more beautiful.

The versatile design is perfect for those who are looking to wear a single pendant and can also work well for people who are looking to add something 'a lil xtra' to their existing jewellery.

Why not add some quality jewellery to your outfit this summer!?

  • 95% Silver; 5% Classified metals for the body 
  • The pattern of "feather fiber" is engraved by most skilled First Arrow's silver smiths
  • Hand Built in Japan
  • Size: L(W14mm × H68mm)

The First Arrow's 950 silver is nothing like any other brands' 925 Silver products. It is made for better ageing effect with 95% of silver and the rest 5% is classified. After a While in use, the silver will be oxidised with many shades of black-mahogany. 

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