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Warehouse Low Cut Canvas Sneakers


Warehouse Low Cut Canvas Sneakers

$176.00 AUD

Warehouse  use their home made heavy cotton canvas as the body of the shoes, the canvas has been over dyed in navy and discharge printed in camo so you will see some nice ageing through using.

Premium rubber has also been used for the sneaker. Warehouse always want to do something special for even the simplest products. Through their research and study, they figure out the way to make the rubber age naturally but stay in good shape (Similar technique has also been used in some Avant Garde brand like Rick Owens). 

Taking inspiration from U.S Navy military trainer, they goes with a super clean design. The design is simple but the construction of the sneaker is quite interesting. It goes with a hidden heel cup. The heel cup will protect your heel when the sneaker is new and make the heel stay good shape through long time in use. 

  • Japanese heavy cotton canvas
  • Navy color is over dyed (which will age gradually with wears)
  • Camo pattern is discharge printed  (which will age gradually with wears)
  • Heel cup for extra comforts
  • "Vulcanized" rubber sole (which was used for military training shoes in 1960s)
  • Made In Taiwan
The sneakers run 1 size bigger than usual sneakers 

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