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The Flat Head X CORLECTION "Nihon CORLing" Tees

The Flat Head

The Flat Head X CORLECTION "Nihon CORLing" Tees

$110.00 AUD $132.00 AUD

It was so difficult for us to bring in many quality tees with graphic designs. The reason is we are not just satisfied with  "Looking - OKie - Graphic - Designs" but also we hope the graphics are more meaningful which our customers are always loving to wear them all the time (Like Yeezus said "ALL-DAY-ALL-DAY!", just joking) . 

This time we teamed up with our Sydney based, local designer ---- Christ Yee(  our "Nihon CORLing" tees . "Nihon" is the prounciation of "Japan" and "CORL" stands for "CORLECTION" .

 "Nihon CORLing" is  the mission that we hope CORLECTION will always bring in more quality made-in-Japan products without a second thought and always re-design some Japanese products to make them more perfect for our local customers !

For the graphic designs in the back , we like to put some "hidden messages" in them.  Tiger and Cranes are both symbolic animals in Old Japan culture. Tiger stands for "POWER in silence" and "STRENGTH in still" that is what we believe in the artisanship that the products of The Flat Head always represent. The most textured quality products speak for themselves without a word like the TIGER.  Cranes are for "Long-Life" , the quality products which will last much much longer than you expected and age nicely with uses like CRANES. "啸”is the old kanji of "ROAR" of tiger in the flag , it is the way how "TIGER (Nihon) CORLing" as we think ^^ Also you may see the Sakura flowers are flying in the sky , Fuji Mountain and beautiful sunset  that is the background we set for Japan .
  • 100% Cotton
  • Japanese medium weight loopwheel fabric
  • Triple stitched collar
  • Double-Needle-Construction for the sleeves and hem
  • Fully washed (only stretch will wears)
  • Slim fit
  • Made In Japan  
The garment has been washed (no shrinkage is expected) and will stretch to your body fit with wears 

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